Fire Sprinklers Now Required By Law

Fire Sprinklers Required By Law
Brickell Key, Miami, Florida

The law has not changed with respect to Fire Sprinklers being required in high-rises since Florida Governor Rick Scott made the decision to veto House Bill 653, regarding the Automatic fire sprinklers system in high-rise condominium

On June 28, 2017 Rick Scott composed a memo to the Secretary of State that included the following statement: “while I am particularly sensitive to regulations that increase the cost of living, the recent London high-rise fire, which tragically took at least 79 lives, illustrates the importance of life safety protections”.

The consequences that followed the vetoing of House Bill 653 require all high-rises in the state of Florida as of December 31, 2019 to provide or install a level of protection equal to or better than a full fire sprinkler system. Read about ELSS – Engineered Life Safety System Installation

The following podcast summarizes the requirements of all Florida high-rise buildings effective December 31, 2019.


by  Community Association Matters.


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