What Our Clients Are Saying

Sprinklermatic has won numerous industry awards over our many years in business. But, none of them is more important than the accolades we earn from our clients. Their comments are a reflection of our ongoing commitment to excellence in craftsmanship. We invite you to learn more about us from those who know our work best. 

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Sprinklermatic has been my go-to Fire Life Safety Contractor/Advisor for the last 15 years. Not only as a contractor to us, but always willing to help or advise with any job even if it was helping their competitor. Always takes solution-based approach to any challenge. Sprinklermatic’s partnership in preconstruction has been extremely valuable and a major contributor to jobs becoming a reality by offering substantial design solutions that saved substantial amounts of money. A very trustworthy partner.
Jim Zupancic
Working together with Sprinklermatic on simple or complicated projects is incredibly straight-forward. The designing staff is knowledgeable with the preparation of shop drawings and the field staff is always ready to help get the work done in a timely fashion. We at SCEC look forward to future projects together.
Paul A. Carty
I had the pleasure of working with Sprinklermatic on multiple school projects in Monroe County, Florida. They are very professional in every facet of operations. Their field staff proved to be an invaluable member of the project team. They completed their work on time and with quality workmanship.
Eric Pelinsky, PE.
After working with Sprinklermatic during the construction of Premier Aviation, we feel qualified to critique your company and the work you performed. We found you and your staff professional and knowledgeable. The work done in all the hangers along with the fuel storage area was completed efficiently and the quality was commendable.
Gregory H. Lewis
Carl and the staff at Sprinklermatics pulled us out of a bind when no one else would respond. They fixed the issue within 24 hours after making that call. It was the best decision and I appreciate their response and professionalism.
Hope Smith


4pm on Thursday we were told we had to go on Fire Watch till Saturday. Our maintenance man called our manager and he was told to call Sprinklermatic. Our manager had been visited multiple times by Lyndon who kept telling him "Give us a chance to show you the SPRINKLERMATIC way". Thank God he did!! 30 minutes later a guy pulls up in a fancy truck and dress shoes and I thought great he's not fixing it. He jumped right in with pliars and some other tools and told us they could fix it today. He had to make some calls, run and get some materials and he would be back. 30 minutes later a Sprinklermatic van pulls up with 2 different guys and the boss (I assume) came back shortly after with the materials. Less than an hour later our water was back on!! WOW!! Thank you for saving our building thousands of dollars. Hope you don't mind the pics, you did great. Oh, and they had on breast cancer awareness shirts too! AMAZING!
Linda White


On behalf of Florida Medical Clinic, I want to commend the Sprinklermatic service teams for their quality of work, ability to meet and exceed deadlines and overall efficiency in performing inspections, monitoring and repairs for our 18 Florida Medical Clinic locations. Sprinklermatic Fire Protection Systems will continue to be our first call for all our fire protection needs.

Bob Gould

Rob & Mike were both very professional during our most recent property Sprinkler inspection. Also would like to add that Trisha & Stephen were also very responsive last week when assisting us with our fire panel that was in need a replacement board. All of you went above & beyond for us & we truly appreciate it very much!  Thank you!

Dawn LaMay
Richard provided exceptional service. He was enthusiastic about our project, he was responsive, and was able to turn around a quote and a full set of plans in under 2 weeks! Sprinklermatic has earned my next job and I definitely recommend them if you value professionalism and reliability.
Adam August
Very professional and trustworthy company. Highly trained personnel supported by great staff of individuals. It was a great experience getting to know about the great business they are building
Alexandro Martinez
Sprinklermatic’s organization, efforts, reliability and leadership were integral to the successful delivery of Hyde Beach House. Sprinklermatic’s Hyde Beach House team were fire protection craftsmen and The Related Group looks forward to the opportunity to partner with Sprinklermatic again.
John Deutchman
Manager, Construction
Tim and Robin of Sprinklermatic are truly genuine individuals and that personal trait flows through their company. Their pre-con & project teams are extremely helpful in solving problems, whether they were discovered early on, or when an immediate response is needed. Completely Professional, and great to work with. I enjoy working with them on multiple levels.
Alex Smith Jr.
Chief Operating Officer
Sprinklermatic is a big part of our team on Greystar projects across Florida. Robin and Tim are very engaged in every aspect of their business. They’ve built a terrific company that is well capitalized with tremendous resources, technical expertise, and above all a great culture.
Chris Bayer
Senior Director Construction
Working with the Sprinklermatic team is a true collaboration. Together we have solved complex life safety scenarios on projects that have been inaugural implementations by the fire department to advance safety in our city.
Dean Warhaft
Chief Development Officer
Sprinklermatic: experts in commercial Fire Sprinkler protection. Robin and Tim are hands on business Owners that are committed to the Fire Protection industry 24/4. Ethical, service orientated, knowledgeable, resourceful, communicative, and advocates of team (internally and externally). Another attribute is their commitment to apprentice trade and 1st responder training.
Vince Hull
Project Executive
Sprinklermatic has completed several projects with our company, in the South Florida Region. They have an outstanding organization from the top down. Their focus on training at the Davie Office Training Facility, is not duplicated with any other Fire Protection company I have seen from coast to coast. Their knowledge, Commitment to the Project and Team, and Attention to all details is unparalleled in their field. These are just a few things that will always make them, my contractor of choice.
Anthony Howard
METP Manager
Sprinklermatic has always been a solid partner. No project too large or complex they cannot tackle with professionalism and a team mentality. Looking forward to the next project together.
Manny Fernandez
Construction Project Manager
I always enjoy working with the Sprinklermatic team. Sprinklermatic has always being knowledgeable, reliable, and professional. They have always met our project expectations. Their Upper Managememt team is also accessible and engaged on their projects to make them successful!
Felipe Laserna
Vice President of Construction
Sprinklermatic has exceeded all expectations over the years! Sprinklermatic has been a wonderful trade partner from Preconstruction engineering through completion. Sprinklermatic will work with the AHJ to assure a seamless and efficient inspection process.
Casey Kaplan
Vice President of construction
Sprinklermatic was instrumental in getting the most efficient design and providing cost effective solutions for the Paraiso campus of 1300 units for the car. They were great team players and always worked to solve problems! Great team players and a pleasure to work with!
James M. Werbelow​
I found the Sprinklermatic team to be consistently helpful, providing a wealth of experience, and knowledge to the project. More importantly, they showed initiative, drive and flexibility to complete their job with minimal impact to the project thus satisfying its competing demands.
Carlos I. Casal
Project Manger
In a business that is increasingly challenging it is a pleasure to have a true Partner in Sprinklermatic. I know on any job we work on together there is one trade I don’t have to worry about: fire protection. I thank you for that.
Jamie Corbett
Project Executive
Sprinklermatic has earned their strong standing with KAST Construction by consistently demonstrating their ability to meet demanding schedules, doing quality work, meeting KASTs demanding and rigid safety requirements and through a service orientated approach facilitating KASTs relationship with its customers.
Michael Neal
With great pleasure I take the time to recommend to any owner, developer, General Contractor or architectural firm to consider Sprinklermatic for all their fire suppression and fire protection needs.
Sinclair Cerber
Sr. Construction Manager
As Executive Vide President of John Moriarty & Associates of Florida, Inc., it is my pleasure to recommend Sprinklermatic to you. I have had the pleasure of working with them on and off for over 8 years. The company offers top notch quality and service. Across the board we are always pleased with their work.
John Leete
Executive Vice President
I would highly recommend them to anyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sprinklermatic on multiple projects. Their expertise and knowledge of the Fire Sprinkler industry is second to none. They have assisted Current Builders in resolving issues both related to their scope and the scope of other subcontractors which shows their willingness to get the job done and a dedication to maintaining existing client relationships.
Scott Remer
Senior Project Manager
On behalf of GCI residential, we are pleased to recommend Sprinklermatic as a subcontractor for future construction and renovation projects. I have worked with Sprinklermatic on various construction projects over the years and have found them to be very professional and proficient in their trade.
Creston Crum
President of Construction
Both Robin Collier and Tim O’Brien have been very beneficial to our companies in not only their professional expertise but in their ability to provide correct and timely information for our decision-making process. They “Go the Extra Mile”.
John O. Sobol
Vice President of Construction
It is on very few and far circumstances that you have a team member fighting for the greater good. Sprinklermatic exemplifies that, whether it be a design idea, the review of plans, the execution, or the maintenance of existing property systems. They are always willing to think outside the box and maintain a focus on serving others, both internally and externally. Sprinklermatic prioritizes people over profits and truly believe in building, bettering and being the best at it.
Michael Sheehan
P.E. Principal
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sprinklermatic for their excellent service, accountability and quality craftsmanship. Their expertise of the Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm industry is second to none. They are a dedicated team always prepared to resolve issues and provide suggestions for innovative and cost cutting solutions.
Jorge Moros
V.P. Director of Business Development
Sprinklermatic's detailed knowledge of all applicable codes allows them to consistently arrive at creative solutions that have not occurred to others. Sprinklermatic’s Field Staff always pushes the project and other trades. Their management structure allows them to identify issues early and solve them proactively and reasonably.
Christopher Kennedy
Vice President
Sprinklermatic has assisted Plaza Construction on multiple projects in Florida. Throughout these projects they worked diligently and exhibited a willingness to assist by any means necessary to get the project completed accurately and on time. I would highly recommend Sprinklermatic to anyone who is looking for a subcontractor that provides quality work.
Brad Meltzer
Sprinklermatic manages their scope of work with integrity and professionalism in every aspect of the project. They consistently create a win-win- relationship, are on-time and maintain the budget. They take pride in their workmanship and product a quality product. They perform detailed coordination with other trades and communicate well with our staff.
Jeff Miles
Director of Operations
I have been engaged with Sprinklermatic Fire Sprinkler, Inc for several years and I have found that their technical expertise, execution quality and management commitment have positively contribute to the success of our projects.
Jorge Moros
Project Executive
It is my pleasure to recommend Sprinklermatic. Sprinklermatic routinely manages their scope of work with integrity and professionalism from preconstruction through the warranty and 558 phase. They create a cohesive relationship and collaborate well with other subcontractors, GC's, A/E, ownership and the various City agencies. Keep up the great work and it is awesome to see a great company continue to grow and become an industry leader! I strongly recommend them for any upcoming project you might have.​
James Webelow
Senior Vice Presiden Construction
I hired Sprinklermatic for the first time over 20 years ago. Many projects later, they remain the benchmark that I measure other Fire Protection contractors against. I consider Tim and Robin friends that I can (and do) trust with my most demanding projects.
Carlos Casal
Sprinklermatic manages their scope of work with integrity and professionalism in every aspect of the project. They consistently create a win-win relationship, are on-time and maintain the budget. They take pride in their workmanship and produce a quality product. They perform detailed coordination with other trades and communicate well with our staff.
Dave A. Archer, PMP
Project Manager, Office & Facilities Construction
Sprinklermatic has successfully completed many large-scale fire sprinkler projects with our firm over the past 10 years. Their construction experience has always been an invaluable element to our projects. From bidding to execution, they finish work in a timely manner while meeting or surpassing regulations or our expectations.
Jerry McDonald
Great people, culture, knowledge and experience under one roof. Proud, passionate and committed to deliver quality into everything they do. Great work environment.
Alex Andreescu
Results. That is what Sprinklermatic is all about - getting results. No drama, no B.S. If Tim and Robin of Sprinklermatic are on your team, you will get to the finish line faster than you though and on budge. If they are not, you better reconsider your plans.
Alex Barthet
I would like to commend the Sprinklermatic Team assigned to Heron Heights Elementary School, the first GREEN school constructed for the School District of Broward County. They were professional and responsive in their communications, strongly adhered to standards of quality and their safety program was up to par.
Jose Capellan, Jr. LEED AP
I had the pleasure of working with Sprinklermatic and I can honestly say they are in another level when it comes to fire protection! Their staff is very knowledgeable and honest! For me, customer service is a big deal, and these guys went above and beyond to meet our needs! Would definitely recommend Sprinklermatic to my fellow colleagues and to anyone thinking about contacting them.
Jose Garcia
I have worked with Sprinklermatic on both large and small projects and their philosophy and work ethic is always the same, "top notch". They are a "get it done" subcontractor with the willingness, desire and work ethic a contractor needs to get a project completed on time and within its budget parameters/contraints.
Kevin T. Montez
I had the pleasure of working with Sprinklermatic and I can honestly say they are in another level when it comes to fire protection! Their staff is very knowledgeable and honest! For me, customer service is a big deal, and these guys went above and beyond to meet our needs! Would definitely recommend Sprinklermatic to my fellow colleagues and to anyone thinking about contacting them.
Jose Garcia
Congrats Robin & Tim and the entire Sprinklermatic team. The "Accredited Quality Contractor" AQC designation is not easy too earn and is an amazing accomplishment that speaks of the world-class organization you have built.
Peter M. Dyga
It has been a pleasure working with your personnel in completing the Fire Suppression System for the 1.4M sq/ft Retail/Business/Garage building Shops at Midtown Miami. Our company found your field personnel knowledgeable, cooperative and passionate about getting the work done as quickly as possible.
Robert Curbelo, Jr.
You have helped us successfully deliver over 600 units fully sprinkled for the City of Pembroke Pines. Your suggestions have assisted in providing maximum value for our client, met the requirements of all local codes and delivered a functional system that is easy for the city to maintain.
Charlie Rocheleau
Our relationship with Sprinklermatic and the owners, both personal and professional, have been a success with not only our business but for our mutual clients as well. I wish all our partnerships with other companies were as grand as the one we have with Sprinklermatic.
Edward D. Cannatelli
Leaders in the industry and trusted trade partner. Their commitment to training and raising the tide of the Fire Protection Industry in Florida has been awesome to be a part of.
Will Allgood
Director - Fire and Waterworks
A wonderful by-product of our alliance with Sprinklermatic University is lasting friendships forged between Firefighters and Suppression System Technicians; friendships based on mutual respect for the roles we both play and protecting lives and property from fire.
Captain Bill Gustin
Lead Instructor, Training & Safety Division
Sprinklermatic personnel are resourceful, creative and solution-oriented people who have been able to come up with new and innovative approaches to help solve potential problems. I also find that they are among the most easy to work with BCPS approved companies and look forward to being able to continue using their services.
Pierere N. Dougniaux, M.E.
Project Manager II
Sprinklermatic performed fire alarm maintenance and your staff was very professional and completed the work in a timely manner and most importantly, on time. I also appreciate the fact that you kept me informed of the progress. As a management company we deal with many vendors, Sprinklermatic will be highly recommended to our associates.
Tara Wigand
Asst. Property Manager

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue took their Captain’s Officer Development Academy Class #44 to Sprinklermatic in Davie, Florida to instruct our candidates on fire pumps, alarm panels, sprinkler activations, risers, detectors, etc. The instructor was professional, knowledgeable and patient with all our candidate’s questions. He indeed, went beyond, and his lesson plan was exactly what we needed. We would like to thank Sprinklermatic for welcoming us and for their hospitality.

Joe Bostic

The two service technicians Paul and Wilfredo who fixed the fire sprinklers at the apartment building yesterday were wonderful! The young man John Paul was especially amazing!

Abby Rose
I have to say, Sprinklermatic has given and done so much to fire safety. They have worked to become partners with the fire service by providing education to fire departments. Education that is specificity designed for fire department Fire Marshals, Fire Plans Reviewers, and Fire System Inspections and Testing. Much of the time Industry and Fire Officials are on the same page with the same intents. However, reading the page with a different views. When blending these views it becomes one in the same. Much like two people are looking at a square but different sides of a square. Sprinklermatic has open not only new doors to fire safety, but a new ideology of working with Fire Safety Officials as a partnership verses Industry struggling/friction with Fire Officials.”
Michael Coombs
Retired Fire Captain