Thought Leaders in Construction

In the ever-changing business of construction, it’s said that one must “change or die” or “evolve or dissolve.” While change can often be overwhelming or uncomfortable, at Sprinklermatic, we believe in getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. We stretch and exercise each and every day to better our performance. We are constantly reviewing what we do, how we do it and who we are willing to do it with to achieve the best results with the most efficient efforts. We are aiming to be the best thought leaders in construction we can be.

Sprinklermatic’s forward-thinking team members are continuously challenged to bring forth new ideas in hardware, software, and workflow. When people visit our facilities, whether it’s South Florida (Davie), West Florida (Tampa Bay) or our newest location in Central Florida (Orlando), they are often amazed by the video conferencing that is live in all three locations, along with the feel of the open space complimented by privacy through glass partitions.


Each desktop station is equipped with a camera so that Sprinklermatic team members can “find their mirror” in each location. This unique ultra-open workspace allows each team member to add value in a collaborative manner from hundreds or even thousands of miles away at our design office in Ranchi, India. Our 12 fulltime designers who work on some of the largest projects in Florida are equipped with the most up-to-date machines, both desktop, and laptop, which have enough horsepower and video speed to work efficiently in our design-build capacity with Navis, Revit, and AutoCAD. We are constantly training team members on our software to maintain relevance in changing times.

Sprinklermatic’s field personnel are equipped with real-time facial recognition timekeeping software that tracks performance, productivity and onsite safety. This tool, along with project management software and blueprint change management software, eliminates waste by enabling immediate information sharing from concept to construction, mastering an “as BIM = as-built” delivery.

If you’re an owner’s rep, developer, general contractor or incredible human being seeking a team of thought leaders and change agents in construction, we encourage you to try out our team. Whether it’s two sprinkler heads to be relocated or 20,000 heads to be provided in a design-build LOD 500 IPD delivery, we can support your needs.

Design Manager Thought Leaders in Construction Thought Leaders in Construction – Design Manager Scott Searing works on a 3D BIM model.



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