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Sprinklermatic feature article in ENR Magazine “Spotlight on Miami & South Florida Construction” October/November 2020.

From MAM to PAMM

In 2011, when the plans came in for what was then called the MAM for Miami Art Museum, they were included with a cryptic cover sheet that we would later decipher to mean “the most challenging install ever.” With the design team heralding the project as “upside down” we worked with the amazing team at John Moriarty & Associates Of Florida to conceal virtually every piece of pipe and make the installation a true art installation.

Perez Art Museum, Miami, Florida
Up Against The Art Basel Timeline

It never fails that a Miami project requires a timeline which achieves completion prior to the international art fair “Art Basel”, but when Jorge Perez puts his name on it, the team certainly has to “level up” to properly make the MAM into the PAMM and be prepared to showcase the likes of artists Herzon and dé Meuron; Sprinklermatic was incredibly proud to have been involved in this world-class work of art. The Perez Art Museum makes an incredible contribution to Miami’s historic mix of art and culture.

Marine Life, Science & Fire Protection

That deadline would seem an amazing undertaking if it stood alone, however just next door and tied together through a myriad of not only complex piping but the most challenging relationships, sits the Frost Museum of Science.

An amazing structure that taught us as much about construction law as it will teach the public about science, this 5 story education center brings to life some of the most incredible  facets of marine life, science and fire protection one could expect. With pre-action systems, vesda systems, fire pumps and live sharks we were right at home working with ownership bringing the building to life, safely, even when there was blood in the water. 

The Frost Museum is one of the only institutions worldwide boasting both a state-of-the-art planetarium and cutting-edge aquarium. 

Frost Museum of Science, Miami, Florida
One Thousand Museum

With the team of Sprinklermatic cresting 400 amazing people we often talk about being bigger than a small town,  when asked to be on the design team for the amazing One Thousand Museum designed by since passed and forever missed architect Zaha Hadid, we knew that we, this small town team, could make history in Miami by adding value to this iconic world class building.

One Thousand Museum, Miami, Florida

Our team, led in design by Scott Searing and Brian Reynolds worked closely with Adam Crowell, Jay Gutierrez and Angel Flores in the field to deliver this 709 foot high building and working to make it not only safe to live there, but also to land your helicopter and turn doughnuts in your Formula-1 race car on the helipad rooftop! Nicknamed “The Scorpion Tower”, One Thousand Museum was showcased in the “Impossible Builds” PBS Documentary. The success of this technically advanced project is clear evidence that, with teamwork, nothing is impossible.

We believe that regardless of the challenge the only approach is great expectations, amazing communication and an academic approach to training. Which is why we challenge what’s normal and pursue continuous improvement.


Video of One Thousand Museum Foam Test
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